Individual results are included below for recent races and a summary of overall club an club runners results for selected older events. Also see News page and photos (if you have completed a race and you are not on the list please contact me). Links for full results are below and also on the events page which has links to full results for past events.

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Dionne Radloff 4hrs 21:22

Laura Grove  2h 09:40
Clare Gooch 2hr 11:39 

Jamie Kingdon: 41:05  5th overall
Andrew Stolton 49:49  
Dionne Radloff 54:26
Paul Radloff 55:58
Debra Richmind 62:18
Michelle Hardstone 62:27
Stephen Green 66:49
James Kilvington 73:14 

Graham West 46:17: 2nd VM60
Lorraine West 1 hour 50:47

Ultra Run
Jamie Keddie 4 hours 24:28: 2nd overall
Kirstine Kirby 6 hours 14:17 
Anna Zorn 6 hours 20:39
Debra Richmond 7 hour 09:17

Half Marathon
Nikki Kindon 2hours 22:39
Tara Johnson 2hours 32:02
Deborah Turner 2hours 40:41
Sarah Cooper 3hours 33:06

Dan Sims 23:21 (1st)
Jamie Kingdon 24:11 (2nd 1st VM25-29)
Peter West 28:12 (2nd VM25-29)
Callum Jones 28:37 (2nd JM11-14)
Jon Waite 32:09 (2nd VM45-49)
John Iliffe 32:09 (3rd VM55-59)
Lauren Scordilis 36:11 (3rd lady 1st VW35-39)
Laura Grive 39:51 (3rd VW40-44)
Becky Pettit 39:58 (1st VW44-45)
Lorraine West 64:10

Also thanks to our runner volunteering: Graham West Run director, set up cler up funnel manager, Emma Bussey Timekeeper, Gayle Doyle, Shirley Ann Light and Julia Jones marshalling, Kathy Martyn marshalling and clear up, Kathleen Southal set up and marahaling, Cathie and Isabel Guirdham setup,  Lorraine West set up and clear up, Peter and Kathy Wilkes Tokens

Juiia Jones 26:50 (1st lady)
Graham West 27:58 (1st VM60-64)
Kathleen Southall 29:40 (1st VW55-59)
Gary Chown 30:14 (2nd VM55-60)
Shirly Ann Light 30:42 (2nd (VW55-59)
John Iliffe 32:04 (1st VM55-59)
Gayle Doyle 32:31 (1st VW50-54)
Christine Tait 33:43 (1st VW60-64)
Trevor Weeks 36:11
Lorraine West 1hr 09:49 (with broken shoe from 1k)

Jamie Kingdom 24:00 (1st SM25-29)
Lee Adams 24:04 (1st VM40-44)
Julia Jones 26:07 (1st Lady)
John Iliffe 31:20 (2nd VM55-59)
Samantha Sharples 32:25 (PB) (3rd VW45-49)
Lorraine West 1hr 02:04
Mary Barnes 1hr 13:13 (tailwalker)

U15 Girls (4k)
Isabel Guirdham 18:11 (3rd)

Andy Taylor 26:40
Gary Chown 30:09 (3rd NM50-54)
Christine Tait 34:32 (1st VW60-64)
Vicky Skiner 38:22 (1st VW40-44)
Brian King 38:51 (2nd VM40-44)

Team result
We run as a joint team with our sister club Heathfield Road runners
We were 5th out of 16 clubs and joint 3rd so far after 4 out of 6 races

Senior race 5 mile
Jamie Keddie  33:38 (4th)
Lee Adams 39:53
Badrinath Mohandas 39:54
Julia Jones 44:48
Tara Johnson 45:09
Jason Remington 46:21
Andrew Stolton 46:59
Graham West 47:55
David Turner 48:09
Samantha Sharples 54:15
Deborah Turner 56:01
Christine Tait 56:46
Lauren Scordilas 61:14
Beryl Stewart 64:28
Sarah Cooper 67:17

Junior Race U15 2.5k
Isabel Guirdham 10:09 (1st)

Jamie Kingdon 23:06 (PB) (3rd: 1st SM25-29)
Kirstine Kirby 27:15 (PB) (2nd Lady) (1st VW55-59)
Kathleen Southall 28:42 (1st VW55-59)
John Iliffe 30:17 (1st VM55-59)
Kathryn Martyn 31:08 (2nd VW45-49)
David Turner 32:57 (3rd VM40-44)
Vicky Skinner 36:38 (3rd VW40-44)
Lorraine West 1hr 00.25

Jamie Keddie 20:33 (1st)
Daniel Sims 22:34 (3rd 1st VM35-39)
Jamie Kingdon 23:44 (1st SM25-29)
Kirstine Kirby 28:54 (2nd lady 1st VW45-49)
David Turner 30:16 (3rd VM40-44)
John Iliffe 30:25
Graham West 32:20 (2nd VM60-64)
Ed Neve 33:08
Christine Tait 33:37 (1st VW60-64)
Samantha Sharples 34:56 (1st VW45-49)
Brian King 35:21 (VM40-44)
Sarah Cooper 42:15 (1st VW65-69)
Lorraine West 1hr 07:41

Jamie Kingdon 24:08 (3rd, 1st SM25-29)
Andy Taylor 27:03
David Turner 30:17 (2nd VM40-44)
Graham West 32:48 (2nd VM60-64)
Ed Neve 33:17
Vicky Skinner 38:29 (2nd VW40-45)
Michael Hill 48:15 (2nd SM30-34)
Kathrun Martyn 1hr 07:40 (tailwalker)

Dan Sims 1hr 07:40
Christine Tait 1hr 41:36

Julia Jones  25:42 (1st lady)
Tara Johnson 26:21 (2nd lady)
Shirley Ann Light 30:16 30:16 (1st VW55)
John Iliffe 30:20 (3rd VM55)
Ed Neve 31:36
David Turner 31:44
Holly Zorn (JW10) 35:41
Anna Zorn (Running with Holly) 35:42


Isabell Guirdham 17:40 (4th)

Christine Tait 33:29 (1st VW60)
Brian King 35:50
Vicky Skinner 37:12

Troy Southall 24:23 (1st JM15)
Peter West 27:18 (2nd SM25)
Richard Coates  29:53 (2nd VM45)
Kathleen Southall 29:55 (1st VW55)
David Turner 31:41 (2nd VM40)
Christopher Lugg  34:14 (PB)
Donna Scott 42:28
Sinead Taylor 43:23
Andy Taylor 43:26 (running with Sinead)
Michael Hill 59:22

Daniel Sims 24:26 (5th overall 1st VM35)
Andrew Stolton 28:09 (2nd VM55)
David Turner 31:05 (2nd VM45)
Christine Tait 33:53 (1st VW60)
John Iliffe 34:05 (3rd VM55)