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Peter 2hr 8 mins (9 mins quicker than last year, well done),
Emma Hyland
Emma Flint
Rachael, Hornigold
Hen Browne
Judith Pyett
Ray Edmondsom

100 mile relay race, Eastbourne to Winchester, 18 legs 6 runners run 3 legs each.
Garry Dalby and Graham West competed as part of a team with Heahtfield which completed the distance in 12 hour 39 mins

Mark Slaughter 3hrs 51.20

Brian King 47.26 (PB for 10k)

Graham West 22.10

Graham West 21.51

Graham West 34.35

Dave Gibb 42.40

Catherine Harker 1hr 30.29
Helen Browne 1hr 54.37

Will Blandford 1hr 29.58
Graham West 1hr 30.18

Dave Gibb 3hrs 19mins

Tanya Edmondson 4hrs 13
Brian King 4hrs 34

Mark Slaughter 3hrs 29
Tara Sinha 3hrs 30
Jon Waite 3hrs 46
Lydia Godfrey 3hrs 57
Emma Hyland 4 hrs 17

Dave Gibb 69min

Graham West 1hr 34.04
Tara Sinha 1hr 40.01 (PB)

Dave 1 hr 33
Graham West 1 hr 38
Brian King 1 hr 41
Tara Sinha 1 hr 43
Peter Wilkes 1 hr 56
Tanya Edmondson 1 hr 57
Emma Hyland 2hrs 01
Rachael Hornigold 2 hrs 12
Helen Browne 2hrs 37

Flat 4 laps. Good conditions dryw ith light wind
Mark Slaughter 2hr 37.29
Brian King 2hr 42.30
Emma Hyland 3hr 07.42

Jon Waite 2hr 50

Mainly road with about 1k on grass. drizzle grass muddy in parts
Graham West 21.31

Mainly road with about 1k on grass. Weather Dry. Grass muddy in parts
Graham West 21.59