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Graham West 1hr 17.41

Sixth and last race at Pestolozzi near Battle. Dry for the day but wet in the week leading to the race, about 50 metres from the start entering a swamp, quick down hill before starting the climb throught some nice and muddy woodland. Third place was a good result and meant the team finshed in second place overall. All Results.

Graham West Saturday 3 mile 24.48, 7 mile 76.48, Sunday 13 mile 1hr 51.01

Adrian Cornford 30.51
Graham West 34.23

Tanya Edmondson 1hr 44.34

Peter Wilkes 25.16

Julia Jones 46.27
Steve Sharples 49.59
Peter Wilkes 56.55
Ray Edmondson 1hr 02.35
Wayne Covey 1hr 02.35

Graham West 20.24
Julia Jones 20.59
Peter West 22.58

Graham West 41.48
Julia Jones 44.50
Steve Sharples
Graham Warner
Rachael Hornigold

Graham West 1hr 11.08
Julia Jones 1hr 12.26
Steve Sharples 1hr 19.57
Will Blandford 1hr 26.30
Rachael Hornigold 1hr 26.32
Fleur Blandford 1hr 35.18

Graham West 33.36

Adrian Cornford 3hrs 13
Julia Jones 3hrs 37
Rachael Hornigold 4hrs 13
Emma Hyland 4hrs 17
Wayne Covey 6hrs 15
Kim Eastwood

Graham West 3hrs 53
Graham Warner 4hrs 10
Tanya Edmondson 4hrs 13
Paul Peters 4hrs 18
Will Blandford 4hrs 19
Fleur Blandford 4hrs 33

Rachael Hornigold 2hrs 50.11
Steve Sharples 3hrs 11
Kim Eastwood 3hrs 58

Dave Chorlton 1hr 42.46

Graham West 1hr 34.27
Julia Jones 1hr 36.34
Graham Warner 1hr 56.53

Will Blandford 1hr 42.32
Fleur Blandford 2hrs 03.30

Team 3rd (last race of 06/07 finished 2nd in league)
Graham West 39.01
Dave Chorlton 46.20
Peter West 49.00

Graham West 1hr 32.33
Julia Jones 1hr 35.11
Rachael Hornigold 1hr 46.24
Graham Warner 1hr 50.31
Paula Peters Ihr 51.21

Team 2nd (2nd in league after 5 out of 6 races)
Graham West 42.17
Will Blandford 45.15
Tanya Edmonson 56.59
Fleur Blandford 61.25
Sonja Edmonson 62.48
Wayne Covey 63.47
Ray Edmonson 63.53