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The combined Uckfield Runners/Heathfield team came third out of the ten teams moving us up to joint third overall.
Will Blanford 38.55
Graham West 39.58
Peter Wilkes 48.37
Fleur Blanford 50.32

Overall the combined Uckfield Runners/Heathfield team came fourth out of the ten teams
Graham West 42.00
Catherine Harker 45.56
Peter Wilkes 47.54

Graham West 42.53
Tanya Edmondson 48.38
Ray Edmondson 56.20

The second cross country was at Warren Hill near Eastbourne. Another unseasonally warm and sunny day was a treat for a November Cross country. Overall the combined Uckfield Runners team came fourth out of the ten teams a very credible result. From Uckfield were:
Graham West 34.51
Catherine Harker 41.26
Tanya Edmondson 41.31
Sonja Edmondson 41.38

Seven Uckfield runners competed in the Crowborough 10k. Crowborough includes the second highest point in East Sussex (after Ditchling Beacon). The hill (Palesgate lane) in Crowborough at 159m is a Marilyn (a hill with a relative height of at least 150m). In the Crowborough 10k you go up it twice: not the fastest of courses then. Plus theres a ford (not a car the type with water).

Graham West 45.24
William Blandford 47.22
Brian King 51.37
Tanya Edmondson 53.59
Peter Wilkes 54.58
Fleur Blandford 59.36
Ray Edmondson 59.46

Brian ran the Great South Run in 82 mins and Graham ran the Barnes Green half marathon in 1hr 40mins

Well done to Tanya in completing the Venice Marathon in a very respectable 4 hours 8mins

Four Uckfield Runners completed the Beachy Head Marathon, Graham West 4 hours 33 min, Tara Sinhu 6 hours 4 mins and Will and Fleur Blanford in 6 hours 8mins

The Heathfield Utopia team finished 4th our of 10 teams this year. Not a bad result but would be nice to see more runners out in 11/12 to see if we can improve in the coming seasons

Again second place for Heathfield/Utopia. Excellant result

The combined Heathfield Utopia Team finished a very credible second (certainly consistent). Graham West of Utopia was second Man 40 for the season.

Graham West 2hr 06.30
Dan Reed 2hr 08.30
Brian King 2hr 10.13
Will Blanford 2hr 15.30
Catherine Harker 2hr 23.18
Fleur Blanford 2hr 40.25
Hen Browne 2hr 53.46

Graham West 46.03
Will Blanford 46.10
Mark Slaughter 46.13
Ryan West 47.25
Dan Reed 48.03
Brian King 48.19
Mark Reddyhof 50.56
Peter Wilkes 53.59
Catherine Harker 54.19
Tanya Edmondson 55.40
Dayle Bryan 55.49
Fleur Blanford 58.13
Emma Flint 59.40

Graham West 1hr 30.44
Tanya Edmondson 2hr 00.56
Sonia Edmondson 2hr 07.57
Graham Warner 2hr 07.57
Alison Warner 2hr 07.58
Ray Edmondson 2hr 13.47

Graham West 34.27
Julia Jones 39.25
Steve Sharples 41.12
Paula Peters 44.35

Graham West 37.14
William Blandford 39.24
Rachel Hornigold 41.08
Fleur Blandford 47.16
Wayne Covey 51.30

Finishing third in the last race at Pestolozzi secured 2nd position for the Utopia/Heathfield Tems.

Dave Chorlton 32.04 (28/140)
Graham West 34.21