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The sixth and last race was at Pestolozzi near Battle. A cold and windy day Heathfield finsihed 2nd retaining their position as the 2nd team.

Congratulations to Adrian Cornford Second Vet man.  Results individual overall MenResults individual overall Ladies.

Adrian Cornford
Graham West 1hr 36.19
Will Blanford 1hr 38
Kevin Smith 1hr 38
Steve Sharples

Team position 1st
Adrian Cornford 33.27
Graham West 38.20
Will Blandford 40.15
Kevin Smith 40.54
Steve Sharples 42.44
Fleur Blandford 51.33

Helen Parsons 1hr 32.34

Rod Chinn 1hr 32
Carol Chinn 1hr 45

Adrian Cornford 1hr 25.31 (70/3122)
Graham West 1hr 36 .17(394/3122)
Graham Warner 1hr 52.37 (1174/3122)
Steve Sharples 1hr 56.31 (1407/3122)
Peter Wilkes 2h 03.37 (1842/3122)
Ray Edmondson 2hr 26.57 (2804/3122)

Team position 1st
Adrian Cornford 36.24
Graham West 43.15
Will Blandford 45.23
Steve Sharples 46.47
Julia Jones 47.02

Adrian Cornford 36.20

Team 2nd
Adrian Cornford 31.49
Rod Chinn 35.51
Graham West 35.59
Tony Fitzgerald 37.55
Will Blandford 38.23
Julia Jones 40.05
Fleur Blandford 48.33
Wayne Covey 49.33
Sara Ellis 50.47

Graham West 31.59
Sara Ellis 43.25

Herstmonceux Castle relays Aug 2005: good performance from the mens team this time with 4th out of 9 mens teams. Notable performance from Micahel Brown with 7th fastest time overall. Results.

Buxted relays July 2005, Utopia Ladies first Helen Parsons was fastest lady.

Bexhill 5k Weds 25 May 2005 Adrian finished First.

Cross Country: 2004/05 Finished first in the League. Adrian Cornford won the vets 40 category, Penny Rea 5th the Ladies over 55 category. Sarah Ellis 7th in the ladies over 35 category. Results: TeamMenLadies.

Team 3rd
Adrian Cornford 29.23
Rod Chinn 32.21
Graham West 33.25
Tony Fitzgerald 35.29
Will BlandFord 35.37
Peter Wilkes 40.32
Fleur Blandford 43.05
Wayne Covey 43.13

Graham West 45.11
William Blanford 49.38
Steve Sharples 51.19
Peter Wilkes 54.39
F leur Blanford 58.38
Wayne Covery 60.28

Adrian Cornford 35.54
Graham West 41.21
Kevin Smith 44.20
Graham Warner 61.58

Team 3rd
Adrian Cornford 34.26
Graham West 40.01
Will Blandford 43.43
Mark Pitman 48.03
Peter Wilkes 48.28
Fleur Blandford 50.26
Wayne Covey 50.33
Penny Rea 50.45
Sara Ellis 51.06

Adrian Cornford 1hr 27
Graham West 1hr 34

Steve Sharples 4hr 18
Kevin Smith 4hr 20
Kevin O'Riordon 4hr 55
Peter Wilkes 5hr 16
Caley Gibson 5hr 46

Team 4th out of 9 teams
Adrian Cornford 37.28
Graham West 39.21
Kevin Smith 42.11
Tony Fitzgerald 43.36
William Blandford 45.57
Steve Sharples 46.05
Peter Wilkes 49.09
Penny Rea 52.41
Sara Ellis 52.55
Fleur Blandford 53.23
Wayne Covey 53.27

Graham West 3hr 03
Steve Sharples 3hr 28
Judith McArthur 4hr 19
Caley Gibson 4hr 19
Ray Edmundson 4hr 19

Adrian Cornford 1hr 09
Graham West 1hr 16
Graham Warner 1hr 33
Steve Sharples 1hr 35